The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Learn more about project at the link EU PROJECT

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Learn more about project at the link EU PROJECT

Tech Garden luxurious cork wall coverings


Oak cork is a tree of the family Fagaceae . Pluto is isolated as a raw material precisely from the bark of the plant. Experts perform a complex procedure of careful barking of the bark of wood. In these places, the tree calves, or regeneration, replaces the bark. This creates a strong cotton raw material whose main role is the transfer of water and gases, and from the plant is isolated once every 9 to 12 years. It takes just so much time for the regeneration tree, that is, the creation of a new layer. This specific oak species is slow and inhabits mainly the regions of the western Mediterranean, since it needs a large amount of sunlight and an unusual combination of a small amount of precipitation and a high percentage of moisture in the air. During its lifetime, wood yields up to 200 kg of raw material whose popularity is growing more and more, since there is no other material, natural or artificial, which has so many favorable characteristics as cork


Pluto is a very lightweight renewable material subject to compression or expansion. As raw raw material, it is resistant to fire. Softness, waterproofness and airworthiness make it suitable for processing and use in various industries; from making caps, pads, floats and footwear to floor, wall and ceiling coverings. Due to its low weight, it is suitable as a wall and ceiling lining, because it facilitates transport and assembly easier and does not require a specially prepared substrate to which it is applied. Its membranes are elastic and because of this, the material is subject to compression because, due to heavy loads, the air inside the cells is compressed, and the cells themselves decrease the volume. Its airiness contributes to the so-called. conical structure. Gas particles are isolated and separated from each other in small sections that resemble honeycomb honeycombs. Such isolation of the molecule results in low conductivity of heat, sound and vibration, making the cork the perfect isolator in noisy spaces. Does not absorb dust and is resistant to friction because of which it is ideal material in the construction industry; for floors, walls, carpets and the like.
One of the leading organizations for the application of “green design” is LEED ( Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ). Their policy relates to the greater use of natural materials and so on. sustainable development, which is based on the use of renewable energy sources and renewable materials. Pluto is, with all its characteristics, a perfect example of sustainable and renewable material because it is 100% renewable raw material since wood is regenerated every 10 years and is ready for re-exploitation


Although today’s usage is corked as a material in 50% of cases, it is notable for the production of cork plugs. We have recently recorded a significant increase in the production of decorative cork materials for interiors in the form of floor and wall coverings . Its profitability is unquestionable because of all the benefits it provides from the ecological and aesthetic aspect. As already mentioned, this is about 100% renewable material that can not be exhausted from the nature if the approach to exploitation is responsible and according to the prescribed regulations. When it comes to interior applications, industrial designers and wood technologists have achieved the perfection of form and texture in the form of wall, floor and ceiling lining. There is no individual who is not familiar with the thin and simple 3mm plum leaves that have long been used for walls and floors. However, what is new on the market is cork that comes in a completely new form of three-dimensional processing on the face of the liner. Though still a novelty on the foreign and domestic market, 3D cork wall coverings are slowly conquered by interior designers, architects and creators , who increasingly include them as the primary design detail in their projects. Indeed, there are countless possibilities for the cork to be applied to space.


Superbly designed 3D wall cushions can be the perfect replacement for the painted wall because, from the aesthetic point of view, it is much more striking and modern. If we add basic and unquestionable ecological properties of cork such as heat and sound insulation, absorption and leakage of moisture and odors, a positive influence on people prone to allergies and antistaticity – we come to the conclusion that all cork products ( including wall and ceiling panels) is a gift of nature that we must accept. For example, the entire wall can get a completely new look or it can cover the damage or the lining if it is an older area that has not been completely renovated.


Recently in the regular sale Tech Gaden offers 3D design top-quality cork linens, from rustic to luxury design ; Currently there are eight different products available.

Gala Sky

The Gala Sky wall covering is a combination of different colors of a pleasant brown color. On a flat cork floor there are circles of different sizes, structures and tones. This type of lining is ideal for equipping wine cellars and restaurants.

Sai Silvestro

The square correct shape of this coating is perfect for lovers of geometry who love the correct shapes in their rooms. It is a lighter shade of brown, which fits perfectly into darker areas where it is necessary to break large monotonous surfaces by contrast.

Silver Noah
A highly structured mold mimics the corn of the tree. Due to its decent silver-gray color, it is compatible with monochrome darker tones of the background, that is, walls or ceilings. It is an ideal addition to cottages or homes where a winter or rustic atmosphere is desired.

Hella Lignum

The contrast of the dominant shade of brown-brown and bright beige colors creates a playful structure. Such a lining will refresh rustic spaces, but also lift the atmosphere in sterile, bright and minimalist spaces.

Bark Wood
Exquisite 3D structure and design of these coatings will satisfy even the most demanding aesthetics. The relief appearance of the cork of the irregular shape of the bark of the tree will bring a dash of nature into every place.

Alba Nox
Alba Nox is the brightest cork in the offer. The specific structure creates an alteration of the light larger surfaces and dark minor irregularities on them and lower and higher parts, which gives this layer 3D relief.

Gea Tenebris
Geometric shapes, despite their straight lines, give the whole panel some certainty and dynamics. The relief surface and darker tones will capture attention in the interior.

Cork Chess
Cork Chess 3D is a wall covering made up of irregular geometric bodies whose surfaces oscillate in height, creating a unique three-dimensional look. It comes in smaller sizes 25×25 cm available in brown and green.


In addition to the inevitable tiles in various colors and shapes, other decorative as well as practical materials can be placed in the bathroom. One of them is definitely corky. In the photo we see how it is possible to refresh the bathroom with this beautiful and unusual wall covering. Pluto is suitable for bathrooms because it does not leak water and, on the other hand, is free from moisture and odors.


3D wall cork is a warm brown color, embedded in a dark background and perfectly embedded in the color palette of this interior. Such an installation can serve as an inspiration for arranging your own home or office space. Dynamic wall cladding will break monotonic wall surfaces of corridors, lobbies or any other room requiring refreshment.


The photos are some of the ideas to refresh the bedroom or living room. Also, cork is a great choice for all business and catering objects, objects or in different waiting areas because it is a natural noise isolator, and clients leave the WOW effect of modernly designed space.









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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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