The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Learn more about project at the link EU PROJECT

The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. Learn more about project at the link EU PROJECT

Green “Photo wall” – photogenic Vertical Garden

Green “Photo wall” – photogenic wallpaper vertical garden

It is not a novelty to live in a time when more and more instant solutions are being added along with the demanding aesthetics imperatives. Therefore, in the field of green architecture and design, we are trying to make the environment easier and to facilitate the functionality of the environment. In search of practical, cost-effective and eye-catching novelties, we move the boundaries. All this in order to satisfy our customers, but also satisfy us with the extremely important principles of ecology and sustainable development.

From our creative workshop, the green “Photo Wall”, that is, the background wall for photography, which, besides the dominant beauty, is characterized by practicality.

The carefully designed circuit modular wall system consists of a pop-up metal structure, which can be glued to the panels of green walls using a knitting tape, and ultimately creates a whole of a vertical garden.

The metal construction has its own cladding case on wheels, which is easy to use after use. Panels are very easy to place on a decoupled construction and with a carefully designed self-propelled mechanism, they form a stable whole. The assembly process is completed in just a few minutes making this decorative green panel look mobile and easy to use.

Why are green “photo” walls?

There is no need to further emphasize how natural greenery creates the finest ambiences that need to be preserved for memory. However, the installation of vertical gardens from fresh plants only for certain short-term events can be very expensive and ultimately financially unprofitable. Mobile green wall panels are a kind of novelty in our market, and bring comfort in many ways. Beautifully stabilized plants and mosses of top quality will guarantee the longevity of this wall for years. Due to the easy way of transportation it can be placed in any interior.

Where do you use the green “photo” walls?

For example, wallpaper walls on weddings are becoming a growing trend. It is precisely the multifunctionality of such decorative objects that conquers at first glance. In front of vivid or romantic greens can be photographed for a memory, the wall can serve as a backdrop for a wedding ceremony itself or a panel behind the main table. Various presentations, promotions, social events, product representations, which are often found in media lifestyle contents, events are thoughtfully and remarkably created a beautiful and striking environment. This is also evidenced by numerous photographs that we then review in the news reports. Mobile and ecological green photo walls are ideal scenery at those moments that refresh memories and document such an event forever. In addition, mobile vertical gardens can serve as fence panels if at some time or perhaps in the long run we want to rearrange business, catering facilities, or premises in homes, clinics, etc.

Gentle waterfalls or exciting forest scenes

Depending on the occasion, the faces of the green “photo” panels change in their beauty. The magnificent forest walls with a wealth of plants will create an exciting ambience in the area. Exotic amaranths, ferns, ivy with impressive red flowers of shrubby plants and rich green waterfalls of the grass bear will boil the atmosphere of every inner space. Plants are distributed on a flat moss surface, which with its rich and uniform dark green makes it a perfect backdrop for many purposes. For romantic occasions such as weddings, ideal floral walls are ideal where you can exchange delicious waterfalls of chortensia, roses, carnations, orchids or gardenia. The combination is countless, and the panels can be further personalized with leaf inscriptions in a choice of 15 colors. The green “photo” wall can also change its appearance over the years by adding plants and flowers that can be ordered easily and quickly with just a few clicks through our webshop.

It is also a very simple application of various inscriptions or logos for which the central upper part of the “photo” of the green wall is foreseen.

Identify novelties without alternative

The uniqueness of this product is reflected in the fact that these green wallpaper walls are made of stabilized moss, herbs or flowers. It is about 100% natural plants that due to a special ecological process of stabilization have unchanged appearance without maintenance have years. It is almost unthinkable that natural living vertical gardens requiring irrigation, nutrition and maintenance systems serve this purpose.

If you embrace this novelty whose benefits are unquestionable, the creative team of Tech Gardens is at your disposal to design visuals for your most special days. We are engaged from the idea to the realization and in the end delivery and assembly – your practical and longtime traveler is created in safe and professional hands.

If you do not need it for a long time, “photo wall” can be rented, and for any details and agreement contact us by mail at

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The project was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
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